Opéra National de Paris — Visitor Experience Design

Redefining the vision and integrated future experience of L’Opéra National de Paris

Léo Kaj Cabannes
5 min readSep 12, 2021

This article mostly shows the strategic CX/UX design phase of this project. It was a consulting recommendation addressing various use cases and devices so no live website of app was delivered. All the UI linked are only for illustrative purposes.


L’Opéra National de Paris was conducting a RFP, looking for the next IT Agency that would handle the whole digital infrastructure; orchestrating every aspect of the client relationship experience.


In this RFP, Publicis Luxe was asked to work on the innovation and creative aspect of the proposal, hand in hand with the IT Agency. The objective was to demonstrate how the future visitor’s experience would be enhanced with a better digital infrastructure.


Publicis Luxe and the IT Agency Umanis cooperated to conceive this vision experience through the user and the technical perspective. I was in charge of conducting the field and user research, planning the experience mapping workshops and crafting the final XP maps, wireframes and user flows.

Keywords : Field Research, User Interviews, Workshop Leading, Experience Mapping, Information Architecture, Wireframing

1. Field and User Research

In order to design the vision experience of the Opéra National de Paris, we first had to map its existing visitor experience.

Pictures taken during the field study at the entry

Thus, we spend a whole day at the Opera in the visitor’s shoes, taking notes, assessing the ups and downs of the experience, listing all the digital devices available to date, and conducting guerilla interviews to 5 groups of people.

“I wish I could be more autonomous and not have to queue for everything here.”

Pictures taken during the field study in the main halls

From there, we synthesised the visitors’ behaviours, needs, and frustrations to define problems to solve and opportunities to capitalize on.

Pictures taken during the field study in the Opéra’s show checkout & souvenir shop

2. Workshops & Experience Mapping

With a clear overview of the Opéra’s experience to date, I led two workshops with the technical agency we were working with to design the vision experience, in the most phygital way possible.

Miro Board used for the workshop’s sessions

We ended up with two experience maps, one for people visiting casually the Opéra and one for the audience attending a show there.

Experience map of a visitor
Experience map of a spectator
User flow of the online checkout

3. Strategic recommendations deck

Once the Opéra National de Paris’ vision experience was designed, we compiled it into a consulting deck to present to the client, focusing on each step of the journey and presenting the wow-moments we had conceived along with the creative team.

Example of how an experience map has been shared with the client

4. UI Design

Since we proposed a lot of digital installations and touchpoints to address the visitors concerns and desires, we also designed the UI screens for most of it for the client to be able to project themselves better into the experience we had designed.

Example of UI screens designed for the project to illustrate the user flows

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